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Rebekah Brems is a 37 year old fine art photographer and artist currently based in the Pacific Northwest. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with her four brothers and parents. She received her Bachelors in Fine Art Photography from Arizona State University in 2003. Her love of the arts has taken her to studying life drawing, printmaking and sculpture. The use of light is what initially attracted Rebekah to photography. Her recent work explores how photography is viewed in non traditional ways, propelling her work into photo sculpture. Bringing photography out of frames and into new shapes that echo nature or its subject matter. Allowing the viewer to interact with the photo differently than a traditional frame or mat. Making the experience more meditative in nature. Rebekah has shown her work in galleries in several states and received national awards for her photography.

from the artist-
" I am often inspired by dreams. Wake or sleep they slip in with no warning or invite and plant the seed. Sometimes they need nurturing and love, others are clear and precise. I luv to create."


2015 Rebekah Brems